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Here’s a list of my most recent projects.

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Cultural Learnings
How much of yourself do you give to your art? 

Pop musician presh on how queer self-discovery manifests in art.

Cultural Learnings
What is authenticity?

On queer representation and flamboyance with Rachel Coates.

Refuge Worldwide
Residency #01

Refuge Worldwide kicks off a new residency from Manila, Philippines, with Versailles' quarterly show including her latest R’n’B, house, and techno selections, as well as releases from local Filipino artists.

Manila Community Radio
Golden Birthday →

Versailles celebrates her 26th birthday on May 26 in this commemorative episode of Cultural Learnings.

Manila Community Radio
Manila South 2010

Indie pop, dance, and electro that's oddly specific to Manila during the early 2010s.
Manila Community Radio
Breaking Bad OST Special

A special show featuring Latin, reggae, and blues from one of the most watched shows in American television, Breaking Bad.

Cultural Learnings
What to say when you have nothing to say?

On being first or right.

Manila Commmunity Radio
Friends of Cultural Learnings #1

A special show featuring eclectic selections made by the friends of Cultural Learnings — from Bollywood, metal and R’n’B, to OPM, jazz, and glitch hop.

Manila Community Radio
Whatever Goes

Jazz, soul, and house for slacking, idling, kicking back. ... whatever goes.

Void Realm Collective
Guest Mix: Connecting the dots with Versailles

Voidrealm is a house and techno music collective from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We chatted about Manila’s underground music scene, plus a mix of productions 100% made by Asian techno artists.


Sai Villafuerte is a multimedia journalist, specialising in cultural writing and reporting.

Her work has appeared on Vice, Munchies, CNN, HuffPost, Huck, among others. She is the curator of Cultural Learnings, an editorial platform for discussions on contemporary culture — available as a newsletter and a weekly show on Manila Community Radio.

She graduated with an MPhil in international development from the University of Oxford. 


Out Of Print, 2021.

Podcast Interview
Monday Off Radio, 2020

Feature, 2019.

Scout Magazine, 2017.

Manila, Philippines